Curriculum Overview

Experiential learning is the lynchpin of our school curriculum. Students experience a rich, balanced and vibrant curriculum that meets their educational and social needs in a dynamic world. The curriculum is designed to be flexible, support personalised learning and cater to students with diverse abilities. We provide a stimulating learning environment in which every student enjoys education, feels safe and secure and is able to fulfil his/her potential. The accent is on inspirational learning, which enables students to become independent learners, develops their latent talents and ensures that they are self-confident and prepares them to be active and responsible global citizens.


There are many ways you can make an impact on the world. But there is no greater impact that you can make than spreading education, and empowering people who'll empower and teach people, who, in turn, will empower and teach more. We strive to mould students who are intellectually superior, emotionally stable and ethically sound.



Kids Play Zones

Belmont offers kindergarteners a creative, active, play-based environment that stimulates the imagination and spurs social, emotional and physical development.

Inclusive Education

Belmont school prides itself on providing a safe and nurturing environment so that all students, irrespective of their social or economic backgrounds, receive equitable access to quality education.

Physical Education

At Belmont, we provide a physical education curriculum that offers balance and diversity. The activities are differentiated to accommodate a wide range of abilities. Students have a plethora of opportunities to engage in competitive and non-competitive sport.

Extra-curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities help students to learn about themselves, develop their skills and use them in uncharted territories.

Value-based Education

At Belmont, we promote a school ethos steeped in values. These values support the development of the child as a reflective learner within a caring atmosphere.

Library & Labs

Belmont library is a hub of learning with a wide range of educational resources. The school has well-equipped separate science labs for students to have a hands-on experience in science.

Pastoral care

At Belmont, the pastoral care system is based on the premise that all children have a right to wrap-around care that supports their moral, social, intellectual and physical well-being.